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Oct 31st, 2013|Winter events in Pila/Aosta in 2013-2014
Oct 31st, 2013|Winter holidays in La Thuile slopes
Oct 31st, 2013|The main events at Courmayeur in the winter season 2013/2014
Oct 31st, 2013|The main winter holidays in Cervinia
Oct 26th, 2013|WHAT with children CHAMONIX
Oct 26th, 2013|EQUIPMENT HIRE Chamonix
Oct 25th, 2013|Chamonix, French cuisine
Oct 24th, 2013|How to entertain himself in Chamonix
Oct 24th, 2013|Freestyle, Freeride, Chamonix fan parks
Oct 24th, 2013|The best apr?s-ski in Chamonix
Oct 24th, 2013|Night clubs Chamonix
Oct 24th, 2013|Night clubs Chamonix
Oct 24th, 2013|Courmayeur. 3 *** hotel in the village of Dolon.
Oct 24th, 2013|Hotels with 4, 3 and 2 stars in the vicinity of Courmayeur - at the lift of Mont Blanc
Oct 24th, 2013|2 star hotels in Courmayeur
Oct 24th, 2013|Italian restaurants in Chamonix
Oct 24th, 2013|Italian restaurants in Chamonix
Oct 24th, 2013|Asian cuisine in Chamonix
Oct 24th, 2013|Asian cuisine in Chamonix
Oct 22nd, 2013|Mountain Chamonix restaurants
Oct 22nd, 2013|Gourmet shopping in Chamonix
Oct 22nd, 2013|Gourmet shopping in Chamonix
Oct 22nd, 2013|Chamonix Hotels - choice VisitAlps 2014
Oct 22nd, 2013|Chalets and apartments in Chamonix
Oct 20th, 2013|Hotels 4 and 5 stars in Courmayeur
Oct 20th, 2013|3 star hotels in Courmayeur
Oct 19th, 2013|Apartments in Courmayeur
Oct 19th, 2013|Courmayeur. The apartments in the village of Dolon
Oct 19th, 2013|Apartments in Pre-San Didier
Oct 18th, 2013|Apartment Cervinia
Oct 18th, 2013|Apartments in apartment complexes (Residences) in Cervinia
Oct 18th, 2013|Hotels 2 and 3 stars in Cervinia
Oct 18th, 2013|Hotels 4 and 5 stars in Cervinia
Oct 13th, 2013|New video of Courchevel ski resort
Oct 3rd, 2013|Chamonix, French cuisine
Sep 26th, 2013|The more interesting to do in Genoa?
Sep 26th, 2013|Sport in Genoa
Sep 26th, 2013|Water Sports in Genoa
Sep 26th, 2013|Active Life in Bergamo
Sep 25th, 2013|Rental city bikes in Udine
Sep 25th, 2013|Sport in Udine
Sep 25th, 2013|Chamonix Valley. Hike to the Shelter Albert Premier, 2700 m (Refuge Albert 1er)
Sep 20th, 2013|What sawing in Meribel
Sep 20th, 2013|Night sports entertainment Davos
Sep 19th, 2013|Aqua center in Val di Fassa (Canazei)
Sep 19th, 2013|Riding on Segway in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Sep 19th, 2013|Bad Gastein impressed ghost town
Sep 19th, 2013|How does the new lift in Courchevel
Sep 19th, 2013|Mayrhofen Snowbombing-announced date in 2014
Sep 19th, 2013|Innsbruck Ski resorts are preparing for the season 2013-2014
Sep 19th, 2013|What is the height of Mont Blanc in 2013?
Sep 19th, 2013|Opening glacier in Solden
Sep 19th, 2013|Nickelback will perform at the opening of the season in Ischgl
Sep 19th, 2013|New lifts in Zell am See
Sep 19th, 2013|Val Gardena in the TOP-10 world ski resorts
Sep 12th, 2013|Museums of San Remo
Sep 12th, 2013|Churches and Cathedrals in San Remo
Sep 12th, 2013|Attractions in San Remo
Sep 12th, 2013|Tourist Activities in Turin
Sep 12th, 2013|Active classes in Turin
Sep 11th, 2013|Something to entertain themselves in Merano
Sep 11th, 2013|Sport in Merano
Sep 10th, 2013 |New jokes
Sep 8th, 2013|Things to do in Hintertux summer
Sep 8th, 2013|Restaurants Hintertux
Sep 8th, 2013|Restaurants Hintertux
Sep 4th, 2013|740 athletes from around the world at the Tor des Geants contest
Sep 1st, 2013|Restaurants Trieste
Sep 1st, 2013|Restaurants Vicenza
Sep 1st, 2013|Nightlife in Merano
Sep 1st, 2013|Nightlife Bolzano
Aug 28th, 2013|New town Pordenone
Aug 28th, 2013|Churches and Cathedrals in Merano
Aug 28th, 2013|attractions Merano
Aug 28th, 2013|Museums Merano
Aug 27th, 2013|New town Bergamo
Aug 27th, 2013|Top aperitifs Milan
Aug 27th, 2013|Thermal resorts in the vicinity of Milan. Pavia
Aug 27th, 2013|Bolzano Museum
Aug 27th, 2013|Bolzano churches and cathedrals

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This website was created in 2009 as online version of the book about skiing tourism “Let’s go to the Alps!” (Moscow, 2009). However, with time it evolved into something different. After all, the Alps offer much more than just great European ski resorts and skiing tourism.

For visitors from all over the world, the Alps mean fresh mountain air, sweet with the aroma of fir trees, frost and wood stove smoke; cautious deer and busy marmots; the lakes calmly reflecting the eternal snow on the glaciers; waterfalls, canyons and caves. The Alps are also its ancient towns and castles, legends, myths and fairy tales, festive and fun celebrations and traditions. All in all, the Alps represent a unique culture of life and hospitality.

We come to the Alps because we love and need the Alpine valleys and meadows, the Alpine chalets and villages, the Alpine cheese and the simple, happy pleasures of life. We rest our soul, admire the beauty around us, eat and drink very well, and then upon our return home, we spread the received bliss and springs of happiness all around us, making life better and purer. Isn’t this the most important of all things?

The world is beautiful, but the Alps are twice as beautiful. And people realised this not so long ago.  So, that makes our task even more interesting and exciting. We collect positive and objective information about Alpine ski resorts and other tourist (and non-tourist) destinations, plus reviews and opinions of people from different countries, news, photos and videos. We try to show that the Alps are not only the well-known resorts of Mayrhofen, Solden or Chamonix. We also actively promote summer trips to the area, as we know how great they are.

We are constructing our own Road to the Alps. So, please join in!

With the utmost respect to every real and virtual traveller,

the website administration team