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This federal land located in the west of Austria and is bordered by Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Austrian Tyrol

Capital   land – Bregenz, situated on the shore of Lake Constance, whose shores are divided between Vorarlberg, Germany and Switzerland. Around the lake are laid variety of hiking and cycling trails. Held annually Bregenz Festival in August. Symphonic music concerts, theatrical performances and fireworks are held throughout the month


Another city, Bludenz, known for the production of chocolate Milka and local draft beer Fohrenburger. In summer there is held Europe's largest chocolate festival


In the area of ??Vorarlberg is only 2.5 times more than in Moscow, but here are the 8 first-class ski resorts, one of which, Lech undoubtedly stands in the top lines of the world ranking  .


German-speaking countries (and Austria among them), in contrast to the French - or English-speaking, is still perceived by most people in the world something like a toy globe. And each of them an attempt to distance themselves from the language grandparent, to emphasize their independence and suverinetet only exposes known in large families “ syndrome younger brother ”

.   Austria in this sense, is perhaps the most prominent example – as the most senior of the “ younger brothers ”. The reasons for this “ syndrome ” clear. The country emerged in its current form only after the First World War, with the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This apparent youth, coupled with thoroughbred roots inevitable and diminish the international prestige of the country, and obliges that authority to have

.   However, “ mere mortals &rdquo , who had come to Austria, the last thing I want to think about its international image and identity. He is interested in history, culture and the Alps. And that his interest in Austria is able to satisfy fully

.   The potent combination with German history, with the history of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Holy Roman Empire, centuries-long rule of the Habsburg dynasty, whose members simultaneously held the thrones of many European countries even before Spain, “ bustles ” Austria past legends, myths and legends, most of which is difficult to separate real events from “ fiction ”. Some of them are very beautiful and romantic, others –. Dark and mysterious

  Go figure it out, for example, in the old tradition of burial of all members of the genus Habsburg. Illustrious body specially pre-prepared (almost literally), and then buried in portions of the court Avgustinerkirhe under St. Stephen and Viennese Kaputsinerkirhe dungeon. The tradition is said to have come from the Fourth Ferdinand, who died in 1654, the year, and commanded to bury themselves in this way. So funerary   the kings of the urn, princes and other Habsburg now occupy not less than the area of ??real estate, than each of the dynasty took during his life

 .; any tourist in Austria and probably tell the story of Crown Prince Rudolf, ended his life in the castle Mayerling under mysterious circumstances. The name of the castle has since become a symbol of the mysterious death and the very prince story has spawned many legends   and was the basis for a lot of novels and movies

  Austria's contribution to world culture is disproportionately large compared with the place (113th), which the country takes its area in the world. The names of the composers Mozart, J. Strauss (father and son), Haydn, Schubert, I. Kalman, conductor Herbert von Karajan, writers Kafka, Zweig known even today people have not heard around the world and do not read their works

.   In spite of the long history (and partly because of it), Austria “ well preserved ”. In almost all cities of the country you can find entire neighborhoods of medieval buildings, successfully stood for several hundred years. Wandering among all this gothic, sometimes you start to hear the approaching clatter of hooves on cobbles and involuntarily pressed into the wall, waiting for that right now there because of the cathedral will be “ Lord Knights ”, descended from paintings by Van Eyck...

  in Austria Architecture – a special theme. It is unlikely that any other country to keep a number of castles and cathedrals, starting literally from the time of ancient Rome. Among them – urban, well-maintained and restored, included in all excursion routes inscribed in the architectural ensembles. Such as the castle of Graz and the Schlossberg in Graz, Linzer Schloss Linz, Ambras in Innsbruck. All they look like pictures in a glossy magazine and command respect primarily to the city authorities, containing them in perfect order...

  but the really heart-stopping force locks, are stored outside of the big cities, in natural landscapes. Majestic and gloomy, surrounded by forest walls Hohenwerfen near Salzburg, who are looking at you from a height of 150 meters, reminiscent of the times of the Crusades. Despite the fact that the castle is now a museum and is open to tourists, come in here, not without trepidation

.   The stone interiors like him Hohostervittsa very successfully entered an art gallery. Honestly, there is better to begin to understand the painting.. Rosenberg Rappotgenshtayn, c artstetten castle museum, Franz Ferdinand &ndash!; in order to view them all in Austria have come specifically for a long time

.   The town of Baden in the early XX century, it was known not only for its healing waters, but also the international chess tournament. Today the Nimzo-Indian Defense, Tarrasch, Rubinstein and other luminaries of chess, come here, there is little that reminds. Instead of chess is now one of Europe's largest casino and racetrack. Quiet town with many museums and galleries, to which tourists rarely get the crowd – worthy end trip to Austria, a good place to “ to stop, look ” before the return trip...

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