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Oct 22nd, 2013

VisitAlps recommends tryChamonix. farm products in stores Le Refuge Payot

This is not advertising, we just went to the store in Les Houches, to buy something tasty local produce for themselves and as a present


Le Refuge Payot – a small network of three stores farm products, two in Chamonix and one in Les Houches. Outside, they look something like this:



And inside - like this:



What's here. A wide variety of cheeses, from the young to the aged, to a great lover. Some of them can be seen in the image  


Then, salamis and sausages, cooked and uncooked jerked, hard and soft, with the addition of herbs, cheese and who knows what else. Plus all sorts of other meat products

. Place liqueurs – a separate issue. Blackberry, pine, chestnut, hails wormwood and other herbs


Savoy wines are fine and nothing not inferior to their more popular counterparts in Russia from Bordeaux or Burgundy. Prices mostly within 6 - 12 euros. The seller is not only honest advice, but advice that is better suited to the selected cheeses and meat products  

a jam department, jam, chocolate, tea and herbal mixtures, as well as the most different of honey

Be sure to ask the local mountain honey sold by weight. His pieces break off knife from a huge honey head, and placed in plastic containers. No doubt, this honey supply elves


The two hefty bags with victuals and wine, extra-class cost 110 Euro. Plus, as a gift, on trial, we packed cheese sausage and a bottle of red wine Savoy


Addresses of shops Le Refuge Payot Chamonix: 166, rue Joseph Vallot, Chamonix and 255, rue du Docteur Paccard, Chamonix. Both in the center, in the pedestrian zone


Address Le Refuge Payot in Les Houches: Place de la Fruiti è re, Les Houches. It is next to the lift


  Focus on the logo:


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