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  • Skiing season 2013/201407 december - 04 may
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Oct 24th, 2013


Chamonix– freestyle resort with a rich natural landscape. tricks lovers recommend to look on unprepared slopes Brevannes and Fl?g?re. Fl?g?re and Le Tour are known as the best natural parks for freestyle, with ravines, forming a natural halfpipe, jumps, cornices and cliffs. The snow here is always in excellent condition. For the less adventurous, but pleasant ski slopes suitable windless Les Usha, surrounded by forest

. However, snow -Park in Chamonix too, and they are every year gets better and better  

.HO5 Snow park in the Gran Monte - Summit park.has a line of kickers of all levels: green, blue, red and black, ie suitable for all skill levels. There are multiple HDTV cameras, video can be viewed at the bottom of the park on the big screen and download to your phone for free. Getting there: The upper station of the chairlift Tab é



freestyle area in Brevannes, near the chair lift Parsa, equipped with rails and big Eyre (huge inflatable mattress). A small track for boardercross prepared in the peak season, you'll find it to the right of Cornu descent

.Snow Bellevue-park in Les Houches.In the upper part of the park &??ndash; kicker line, rails and boxes for beginners in the lower – more complex modules for advanced and expert

.Free Ride

freeride in Chamonix has everything you need – steep slopes in the area of ??glaciers, wooded slopes and couloirs. With good snow is a great place for hardcore riding. If the snow is small, it is best to go to the high slopes of the Aiguille du Midi and Grands Montets. From the top of the Grands Montets are two black runs neratrachennye, Pointe de Vue (Pointe de Vue) and Pilon (Pylones), with lots of off-piste options, including Argentiere glacier

from the top Boshar (Bochard) can descend into the gorge Pendant glacier (Combe de la Pendant) for the 1000-meter piste descent with plenty of rocks, continuity and troughs. Pay attention toprecautions, because. This area is prone to avalanches

world famous White Valley (Vallee Blanche)great. It will take you 4-6 hours, including a trip by cable car, a spectacular jump over the ridge and the 24-kilometer descent

The route is not technically the most difficult, but the views – simply fantastic. A tour of the White Valley is better to make at the beginning of the day, when you least of all the people


It should be remembered that ride on glaciers and unfamiliar mountains without a guide is a very great danger. Only guide will save you from rash actions and dangerous traps, which abound in the winter mountains. And only a local guide who lives in Shimoni year round, thoroughly knows all avalanche space region. Do not spare money on security. In addition, without a guide you will surely miss a lot of interesting things.

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