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Sep 19th, 2013

What is the height of Mont Blanc in 2013?

Since 2001, every two years, in September, a specially assembled group of surveyors rises the highest peak ofAlps, to measure the actual height of Mont Blanc. Over time it became apparent that it is constantly changing: changing the configuration of the snow cap, and with it –. The exact coordinates of the highest point of the mountain

So, the official height of Mont Blanc was 4810.90 meters in 2007, and in 2009 – 4810.45 meters. It is interesting that in 2005, the highest point was recorded at a height of 4808.75 meters, 2.15 meters lower than the 2007 findings of the year! The last measurement in 2011 showed that the highest peak in Western Europe, has a height of 4810.44 meters (this newspaper reportedChamonixLe Dauphin é)



This year, a team of 22 climbers and appraisers again I went to measure Mont Blanc. The results will be not only the testimony of the traditional GPS-tracking, but also the data obtained with the help of new technology Hexagone, which reads GPS-readings at the same time with the French, Italian and Swiss side online. Thus, measurements of 2013 promises to be even more accurate


Official information about the height of Mont Blanc will be released in October. Place your bets, gentlemen,  !

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