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Large thermal outdoor swimming pool is at the hotel Badhotel Kirchler. He works for the resort guests from mid-June until the end of August and has all conditions for good rest


For more information hotel

. Thermal Badhotel Kirchler

Hintertux 765

Tel.: +43 5287 8570

Fax: +43 5287 8570 49

Another outdoor swimming pool is located in the town ofФинкенберг (Finkenberg). For entertainment there is a children's pool, water slide, whirlpool, waterfall, underwater jets, a sun terrace with sun loungers, children's playground and a snack bar

Schwimmbad Finkenberg

Persal 216


Tel.: +43 5285 64590

< p style="text-indent: 20px; text-align: justify;">Shpannagel Caves

These caves in vysote2500 m – the largest in the Central Alpsand the most mountainous in Europe. Iz12,5 km examined to date, 500 mdostupny for excursions. During an exciting tour guide will tell a lot about the local flora and fauna, climate characteristics and the age of cave formations. The hardiest can take a 35-hour expedition and visit some halls are usually open to research only

. Login the cave is a 5-minute walk from the hut Tuxer Fernerhaus, reachable by   lifts Gletcherbus, lines 1 and 2.  

Prices: adults – &Euro; 9,80; children under 15 years – &Euro; 5,50, children under 6 years old are free

Working hours: 10:00 - 15:. 00

Time: 1 hour

Registration and information:


Familie Anfang

Tel.: +43 5287 87251

Cell: +43 29 6642 4480

Fax: +43 5287 86162

When odnyicePalace

The Ice Palace on the Hintertux Glacier – unique natural formation, a visit which will be an unforgettable adventure for the entire family entrance to the cave can be found 3 minutes from the top station Gletscherbus lifts.. you will have an exciting journey through the formed naturally ice cave system with halls and a frozen lake at a depth of 25 mpod ski slopes altitude difference on descent is 15 meters

On tour allowed children from 6 years of age accompanied by an adult in advance take care of the presence of warm clothing and sturdy shoes when you want you can visit the panoramic terrace at an altitude of 3250 m, where the installed telescopes overlooking the Zugspitze (Zugspitze).. , dolomites, Grossglockner vertex (Gro ß glockner) and natural reserve Zillertal Alps

Working hours: 10:30 - 14:30  

collection point: 15 minutes before the start of the tour at the wall Gefrorenen Wand Tours are every hour

Time: 45 min and 70 min

Prices: adults – € 8; children – € 4  

Natursport Tirol & Firmenevent Tirol

Tux-Lanersbach 367

Tel.: +43 5287 8510

Tel.: +43 87 287 5287

Cell: +43 00 6763 0700

Guided tour of the glacier

From July to September you can take part in a walk on a glacier in the area of ??cracks, seracs and steep cliffs, where they learned about its origin and structure

Even in summer on the glacier is very windy, and the sunlight reflected from the snow is too bright, so you should have, warm clothes, a hat and reliable shoes

collection point: the panoramic terrace at the upper lift station Glacier Hintertux

Prices: adults – € 9; children – € 6.  

Duration: 1 hour

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11:00 and 13:00

Tickets can be purchased from the base station of the lift on the glacier

Amusement Parks

Two amusement park Gletscherflohpark on vysote3250 mi Flohpark Sommerberg at an altitude of 2100 meters work free of charge from July to September in the park Gletscherflohpark have a carousel with rubber tires, tube, giant slides. , gondola and children's ski lifts and photo studio

From Flohpark Sommerberg park offers a magnificent view of the restaurant Sommerbergalm, has a comfortable sun terrace, a climbing wall, bouncy castle, huge slides and go-kart track  



Bowling, billiards, foosball, air hockey:

TUX Caf é Tester

Vorderlanersbach 286


Tel.:+43 87 297 5287

Caf é Tuxertal

Lanersbach 338


Tel.:+43 5287 8577

Billiards, darts, slot machines:

Der Rindererhof

Hintertux 789


Tel.:+43 5287 8558

Disco Tux 1

Hintertux 774


Tel.:+43 5287 8501

Gletscher & Spa Hotel


Hintertux 783


Tel.:+43 5287 8580


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