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Caf é -Restaurant" Kaiserbr ü ndl"

The gourmet restaurant with a varied menu and wine list. Arranges a romantic dinner for two, banquets, breakfasts, has a special offer for gourmets. menu is also offered every week on-site restaurant. On Wednesdays and Fridays - Theme nights: national Tyrolean dishes, Italian menu, a fish day, and so on

.Hintertux783, AT-6294, Tux

Tux, Tux – Finkenberg

Tel: (0043) 5287 8580

Hotel - Restaurant Berghof

a la carte restaurant at the eponymous hotel offers a dinner menu for a 5-course. The restaurant specializes in traditional cuisine, where also presented delicacies from around the world and dietary meals. Worth a try brand cream of celery, roasted veal, venison or deer meat under the pine and cranberry sauce. Promise a good collection of wines


Hotel Berghof Crystal Spa & Sports


Tel.: +43 5287 8585

Fax: +43 87 321 5287  

Hotel- RestaurantBadhotelKirchler

A small a la carte restaurant in an Alpine-style hotel with four-star hotel. It serves a variety of traditional Austrian and international cuisine, vegetarian dishes. For connoisseurs of the noble drink has a large selection of wines from Austria, France, Italy, Australia, Spain, South Africa and Chile, including some rare species and port wines

Thermal Badhotel Kirchler

Hintertux 765


Tel.: +43 5287 8570

Fax.: +43 5287 8570 49

office @ badhotel-

Hotel- RestaurantDerRindererh of

Cute, cozy restaurant in the hotel, where you can taste the best dishes of Tyrol and Austria, fondue, venison, home-made sweets 4-course dinner and buffet is prepared here only. seasonal ingredients and game are served to the table immediately after the hunt for a meal, you can choose a location on the sun terrace with panoramic views of the Hintertux glacier or in the hall with a typical alpine environment fireplace

Hintertux 789


Tel.: +43 5287 8558

Fax: +43 5287 87502

Caf é, Restaurant Vierjahreszeiten

The Hotel Vierjahreszeiten is known for its restaurant you can dine in a classic, elegant hall, where every night a new gourmet menu, with a choice of main dish addition to the traditional buffet with fresh. salads here often arrange theme buffets such as Italian or home Tyrolean cuisine

Hotel Vierjahreszeiten

Hintertux 784


Tel: +43 5287 8525

« Piazza »-Restaurant-Bar-Lounge

Pizzeria Hotel K ö ssler There are children's menus football matches, there is a room with a Wii games console in the evening is transformed from a family lounge bar in the club, which plays music repertoire - from national classic... works, hits the 80s to modern pop tracks

Hintertux 758, AT-6294, Tux

Tux, Tux – Finkenberg

Tel: (0043) 5287 87490


The restaurant in this hotel - a small quiet place, where you can taste the national cuisine or just a cup of coffee

Hintertux 765, AT-6294, Tux

Tux, Tux – Finkenberg

Tel: (0043) 5287 8570


The restaurant belongs to the eponymous hotel restaurant is divided into zones – fireplace room with bookshelves, a small hall with a bar, a dining area in the morning restaurant pampers its visitors with fresh pastries, homemade jam and all the healthy food on the... lunch – besides various pastries and a wide assortment of meats and soups dinner popular themed dishes –. the world's classic dishes, local cuisine of the Ziller valley, Italian dishes, etc. the wine list

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Hintertux 750, AT-6294, Tux

Tux, Tux – Finkenberg

« Vierjahreszeiten»

The restaurant with Austrian and European cuisine

Hintertux 784, AT-6294, Tux

Tux, Tux – Finkenberg

Tel: (0043) 5287 8525

« Didi's Cafe Pub », Pizzeria

The Hotel J ö rglerhofIt combines an excellent pizzeria and a real pub is possible order pizza takeaway by phone +43 (0) 5287 87329. Shipping cost – 5,00.. €.

Hintertux 769, AT-6294, Tux

Tux, Tux - Finkenberg

Tel: (0043) 87329 5287

Restaurants  AlmhitandSandlerbarare Neuhintertux Hotel

Hintertux 783, AT-6294, Tux

Tux, Tux – Finkenberg

Tel: (0043) 5287 8580


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