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Sep 25th, 2013

Date: July 31, 2013 Guide - Agnese Ducros, manager turofisa Chamonix to work with Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries, and in combination - a professional climber.


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The only party –. Representative of the websiteVisitalps.ruYuri Ulyanov

Shelter Albert Premier   It is located on the Le Tour glacier at an altitude of 2700 m and is the starting point for many alpine routes in the Mont Blanc Massif. Named in honor of Belgian King Albert I, «-soldier King » and «-knight of King », as he was nicknamed after the First World War for bravery. It was he, a passionate lover of sports and mountaineering, ordered to build this shelter


So, start from Le Tour, old settlement in the upper valleyChamonix, and by means of the gondola and chair lifts rise immediately to 2200 m. This upper point ski Le Tour ski area and near the border with Switzerland

On the way to admire the downhill. Under our chairs – the only one in the valley trail for downhill mountain biking. Not the World Cup, of course, as in the neighboringPile, but a nice view.



From the lift right out trail to the shelter  .; And it's this beauty rests. By the way, the local cow that's a mighty black suits do not give milk. It is fighting a cow! Who each year participate in the traditional cow fights for the title of Queen – main cow, which must lead the herd to summer pastures and there steer cow world


Photo on memory Mont Blanc in the background



The path to the shelter. Trodden and namolennaya over the past fifty years thousands of mountaineers and mountain lovers



On the way, note that we were lucky: no clouds, no treacherous haze


The whole Chamonix valley at a glance



turns the mountain, and the views of the glacier Le Tour. It is clearly seen as he retreated to the heights in recent years. Agnese shakes her head when she was 15 years old, the ice came down almost to the valley, a few hundred meters below the current melting of the border

still beautiful. At this point, the width of the ice exactly one kilometer. Such is the scale



On the opposite side of the valley – Brevent and Fleg?re combined ski areas in winter and one of the most beautiful hiking areas in the Alps –. Summer



40 minutes in a path through alpine meadows and after the next rotation opens the finish line. Not so straight, however, and this rise time takes less than an hour. A fight against highlands pays untold beauty and scale of the local mountains



A goal that is much closer, looks :


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Admire mountain Grande Fourche, 3611 m Vertex located on the borderFrance and Switzerland



In the conversations about life and about that time, when Agnese another 15-year-olds working in the orphanage, and the glacier tongue was above the meters 50,and the local guerrillas - much fatter today, approaching around 2700 m


That's our goal. In Chamonix, along with mountaineering develop and shelters. Albert The first, in particular, will soon get a whole extra floor.. So do not blame me, the kind he is now unsightly



But in all works. You can spend the night and eat. The restaurant (well, in our opinion it is rather a dining room), two strong guys offered soup and a piece of berry cake from pastry, all very tasty. Prepare themselves directly in the shelter. Menu without frills, eat meat, potatoes and other nutritious and useful things. Portions closer in size to a huge and obviously designed for strong people


View from the shelter of Mont Blanc, just stunning! Clearly visible and the left, the Italian part of the mountain



The return journey was quite easy and pleasant. In part we passed it on the shoes on the snowfield. And look this way like this:



And we met a whole herd of the happiest in world fighting cows, which were very good to us, nothing we did not and just eat the flowers


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The last segment of the path brought us to the intermediate lift station , on – the gondola down to the parking lot


General characteristics of the campaign. Start – 2200 m, haven – 2700 m, elevation – 500m Time &ndash.; about 2 hours


The road back: 2700 m – 1860 m, elevation – 840 m Time &ndash.; 1 hour 40 min. when walking fast, during normal – 20 more minutes


The whole path is clearly visible in this picture:



The route is not difficult, safe and suitable for almost everyone who has the starting idea of ??the mountain hikes. On the last leg lift, along the glacier, you need at least   windbreaker: drafts blowing from the snow

. recommends stunning beauty


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