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Oct 24th, 2013

Ironically, the Italian restaurants in theChamonixcan be counted on the fingers. We are not talking about fast food, where you can pick up a pizza with you and run away. We talk about schools, where you can spend your time. And then pick up the remains of a pizza with a

. RestaurantL'Impossible– it is not just the first in Chamonix organic restaurant, but also a true family-run Italian restaurant. A 10-minute walk from the center of Chamonix, in a historic barn built in 1754 It has all the required attributes for a feast in Italian hearty welcome of the hosts, a beautifully decorated dining room, and enjoy a simple meal, stimulates the appetite to the last drop. Pleasure is not cheap, but not impossible



L'Impossible, 9 Chem du Cry, Chamonix Centre, 74400 Chamonix, tel.: +33 (0) 450   532   036,,

CasaValerio– A classic Italianrestaurant in the center of the city, which, despite the extensive menu (dishes of northern and southern Italy), is famous for pizza. They are prepared in a wood-fired oven right in the dining room of the restaurant. Finest dough ingredients and richness – that's the whole secret of the most delicious pizza in Chamonix. Try the Margherita Napoletana Extra – for the quality of the products it has received an international award Iso Quality – ! Only in France



Casa Valerio, 88 rue du Lyret, 74400 Chamonix, tel.: +33 (0) 450   559   340,, www.casavalerio. net

The bar-restaurantLe Lapin Agile– great place in the center of Chamonix, where it is necessary to go to eat or drink a fine Italian wine (it is a great choice). From 18.30 to 20.00 in Le Lapin Agile time l ’ aperitivo – you purchased a drink offered free snacks – salads, crackers, Tapas &hellip.; Then you can safely proceed to the homemade pasta! Do not be deceived overlooking busy tables at the window, it may be that on the second floor there are empty seats. Bon Appetit



Le Lapin Agile, 11 Rue Whymper, 74400 Chamonix, tel.: +33 (0) 450   533,325,,

-Pizzeria RestaurantNeapoliscozyis located on the bank of the Arve river, NearbyAlpina 3 * and H ô tel de l'Arve 3 *. Many believe that this is where the best Italian food in town. The number of clients, local residents -   a visual confirmation. Prices safely be called low. Any of a variety of pizzas can be ordered to go



Neapolis, 79 Galerie Alpina, 74400 Chamonix, tel.: +33 (0) 450   539   841

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