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  • Country Italy
  • Area 40 кв.км
  • Population 121 000 (2012)
  • Elevation 249 м
  • Dialing code +39 035
  • Postal code 24121-24129
  • Today 23.09.2018
    Partly cloudy with rain
    W 1.1 m/s
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About Town

Pay attention to Bergamo, if you are in Milan and wondering where to get out for a day of fresh impressions. Located just 50 kilometers from theMilan, at the foot ofAlp, it is a well of « with ancient ». His first settlers, starting from the 6th century BC, the Celts and Gauls. However, a favorable position on top of a high hill has attracted, alas, is not one them. And then it began a long history of the city, which is in turn occupied by the Romans, Huns, Lombards, Venetians...

The Venetians « left marks » Here, perhaps more than any other. In addition to the self-evident winged lions, which can be found in Bergamo, here and there, they left the city and a valuable gift, obnesya its ramparts and transformed thus into a powerful military fortification. In our distant XXI Century is one of five Italian cities (the list also includesPadua), fortress walls that withstood the onslaught of time and still surrounds the upper part of the city


Because Bergamo is actually divided into two parts: Upper and Lower town   - the so-called Bergamo Alta and Bergamo Bassa. To get from the Lower Town to the Upper walking – upstairs are the many stairs - skorlatstsini or rising in a trailer funicular

Bergamo Alta, the most famous and most often. visited part of the city, reminiscent of a fairy-tale citadel adorned with a crown of ancient buildings and monuments. Names cobblestone medieval streets and squares tell of their former destination: « Fish Market », « Shoe Market », « Market Square ».

However, the embodiment of the history of the city, his heart and his very essence, without a doubt, – Old Square, beautiful, like a picture in a frame of palaces and churches, created by the masters of long-gone eras. Walk on it – like into the past, feel « dust centuries ». Here, as a century ago, water flowing in the fountain, and at exactly 22.00 counts one hundred strokes on the bell tower of the city. Once, in ancient times, the sound of bells proclaimed citizens of nightfall and the closure of the city gates


Surrounded by antiquity and green upper town is known not only for its beautiful squares and streets, but also breathtaking views. Panoramic view from different parts of the Upper Town, will impress even the most experienced traveler


If the upper part of Bergamo for centuries been a city-fortress, the Bergamo Bassa formed in situ deposits of small farmstead Borgo, once surrounded the « city on the hill ». Lower city boasts no less than ancient history and no fewer monuments, but next door to the old palazzo and villas gradually grow and new, modern buildings, contributing to the architectural heritage of the city

< p style="text-indent: 20px; text-align: justify;">Bergamo – Smithy famous characters. In addition to the fictional character of the commedia dell'arte Truffaldino, the city has given the world a number of very real and famous personalities  .; Among them: the architect Giacomo Quarenghi – author of a number of palaces that adorn the streets of St. Petersburg, a magnificent Caravaggio, famous for its full of drama and expression patterns, and the inimitable Donitstsetti – composer who gave the world the true masterpieces of opera


How to get to Bergamo
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By plane:

Airport Bergamo Orio al Serio   It located a few kilometers from the city. This is one of the basic Italian airports Ryanair budget airline  .

Between the airport and the railway station of Bergamo every 30 minutes a shuttle bus shuttle

< p>The international airport Orio al Serio:

Other next to Bergamo airports are in Milan:

International airport Malpensa:,

The international airport Linate:

By train:

From any point of Italy is most convenient to get to Bergamo by train, the more that the SFA an explicit w/train station is located in the heart of the city. From the train station every 10 minutes a bus (Linea1), where you can reach the Upper City

Schedule of trains to Bergamo, rates and online booking of tickets:.

By car:motorway A4 Milan-Venice to Bergamo exit

It is best. leave your car in the parking lot in the Lower town and the Upper town to get to by public transport or on foot – pedestrian zone occupies a large part of the Upper Town



information about the city

Tourist Office:  Ufficio I.A.T. Bergamo - CITT À ALTA

Hours: 9-00 – 17-30   day  

Address:  Torre del Gombito, Via Gombito, 13 - 24129 – Bergamo - ITALY

Tel:  +39 035 242226

Fax:  +39 035 230184




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