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  • Country Италия
  • Area 40 кв.км
  • Population 121 000 (2012)
  • Elevation 249 м
  • Dialing code +39 035
  • Postal code 24121-24129
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Активный отдых и спорт в Бергамо

Sep 26th, 2013

In Bergamohas several clubs and   associations of outdoor activities that integrate different disciplines instructors offer courses and classes to choose from and, of course, organize fascinating trips in the company of guides - area experts and experts on a particular sport

<. p style="text-indent: 20px; text-align: justify;">We picked the most interesting of them:

CAI Bergamo(Italian Alpine club, a division of Bergamo)

The instructors and guides of the Alpine Club of Bergamo – these are people who are in lovethe Alps, who know them inside out. For those who wish to explore the fascinating world of mountains and learn new sports professionals CAI Bergamo – ideal


CAI Bergamo offers:

- the organization of excursions and hikes in the mountains

- Exciting trips for those who are interested in caving

- hikes to the most beautiful mountain shelters

- Movies for climbers (including beginners), various levels of difficulty

Courses in the CAI Bergamo:

- Courses mountaineering/rock climber Ania

- Courses ski mountaineering

- Courses caving

Via Pizzo della Presolana 15 , Bergamo

Tel.: +39 035 4,175,475

Alpine Guides Bergamo

Bergamo Alpine guides offer all comers:

- to go rock climbing or mountaineering course (including the via ferrata)

- take a course of ski mountaineering

- learn ice climbing

- fly in tandem with an instructor Paragliding

- hiking and trekking (trekking)

- to master a new and exciting sport - canyoning

Via Cremasca 96, Azzano S. Paolo (prov Bergamo.)

Tel.: +39 035 532111

Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports – is a group of professionals who have teamed up to offer outdoor enthusiasts a fresh and bold idea – move the sport out of the hall on the nature for fitness enthusiasts. this is a real find, an opportunity to put himself in great shape, using as a natural mountain landscapes, arranged by nature, gym

Each new member is invited to pass a little test to determine its capabilities and choose a program and, to the forces, because the club's experts not only experienced guides, but in combination, is also highly skilled trainers<. br /> 

Gamma offers Outdoor sports club is very extensive and includes:

- tour through the mountains on a mountain bike;

- Nordic walking;

- courses of mountaineering and rock climbing;

- canyoning;

- exciting summer training for children;

- the organization of a complex of outdoor activities for adults;

- in winter hiking and skiing and snowshoeing;

- personal trainer

Events may have different durations – from one day to several weeks, depending on the wishes and customer opportunities

Via del lazzaretto, Bergamo

Tel.: +39 338 4,222,724



It is an association of alpine guides, eager to share their love of the mountains with fans dizzy adventures Their motto Adrenaline interesting pastime and, most importantly, complete safety

For our clients True Mountain offers:

- trekking and orienteering skills development on the ground;

- Nordic walking courses and related tours;

- development of the via ferrata;

- mountaineering and climbing;

- canyoning

In winter - ski mountaineering, skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, snowboarding and off-piste courses

Tel.: + 39   333 1352435 (Alberto)

Cat Away

Bergamo School of parachuting Here, without any preparation, you can make your first parachute jump in tandem with an instructor, or go through a special high-performance training and learn to skydive by yourself..

Via San Bernardino 24, Bergamo

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