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Церкви и соборы Больцано

Aug 27th, 2013


Cathedral of Bolzano (DuomodiBolzano)

The city's main cathedral,   dedicated to the Assumption, stands on Walther Square. Cathedral – symbolBolzano–   a sample of cultures mergeItalyandGermany. In its architecture mixed Romanesque and Gothic styles: strict no-frills building, lined with colorful tiled roof, the filigree pattern of tall windows and the air almost Gothic bell tower

The whole cathedral is unusually beautiful, but special attention should be graceful « Wine door » (Through it, according to a special privilege, was allowed to sell wine), frescoes XV and XVIII century, the magnificent gothic pulpit decorated with elaborately carved, statue of Mary suckling milk (Maria lactans) XIII century. etc.

The cathedral was built in the XI century,   but over the centuries it has repeatedly changed its appearance. Last time the cathedral was restored after the Second World War (its building was damaged by the bombings). During the restoration work revealed that the cathedral stands on the remains of three earlier churches – Early Church IV century medieval VIII same century and medieval church XI century – the one that marked the beginning of construction of the cathedral, as we see it today


In the museum works council 

Hours: daily from 10.00 to 17.00. Closed: Sunday

. Piazza della Parrocchia 27, Bolzano

Tel.: + 39 978 676 0471

Church of the Dominicans (Chiesa dei Domenicani)

Fathers Dominicans settled in Bolzano in 1272, at the same time was built and the church. It was the first example of pure Gothic style in South Tyrol. Initially, the interior of the church was very simple – strict facade, wooden ceiling and a minimum of decoration, but in XIV- XV centuries  .; to the main building were added to the chapel, Gothic choir decorated with stucco and the walls are painted with frescoes. Significant artistic value are frescoes,   decorating the church. The most famous of them – fresco the chapel of San Giovanni (XIV century.), made in the style of Giotto (and indeed, the San Giovanni chapel frescoes remotely resemble the frescoes executed by Giotto in the Scrovegni Chapel,Padua)

Hours: Monday through Saturday from 9.30 to 17.00, on Sunday from 12.00 to 18.00

. Piazza dei Domenicani, Bolzano

Tel.: + 39 0471 973   133

churchandmonasteryFranciscan(Chiesae conventodei Francescani)

Sources disagree on the time of construction of the church (XI - XIV c.), agreeing only to the fact that in the XIV-XV centuries, the original ceiling was replaced with new vaults and patio acquired Gothic features instead of the former, Roman. The numerous frescoes adorn the church and portico (XVII-XVIII c.). The church kept the late Gothic wooden altar Hans klokera (Hans Klocker), and the choir is decorated with modern stained glass windows by Josef Vidmozera (Josef  .; Widmoser)

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.30 to 18.00

Via dei Francescani 1, Bolzano

Tel.: +39 0471 977 474

MonasteryMissouri-Gries(Convento Muri – Gries)

The monastery is located in an ancient castle of the XII century, once belonged to the family of Gries princes in the XIV century owners of the castle passed it   the monks Augustinian, and in 1845, the monastery moved to Benedictine fathers –people from Switzerland

In the XVIII century near the monastery was built church of Sant'Agostino (Chiesa di Santo Agostino) new church was built in full accordance with the canons of the Baroque and has reached our days in all its splendor Its arches decorate. elegant painting, executed Tyroleans Martin Knoller and luxury capitals, volutes, cymbals create a harmonious ensemble so that the church is considered one of the finest examples of baroque style in South Tyrol worship accompanies organ music

In the old part of the monastery of interest is the bell tower (the former castle tower), with 9 Tyrolean bells, and in addition a patio and an ancient chapel, transformed by the monks in the wine cellar: from 1788 on the territory of the monastery produces wines Lagrein  .; and   Terlano Pinot Bianco DOC

Piazza Gries 21, Bolzano  

Tel.: +39 0471 282287

churchSanGiorgio( chiesa di San Giorgio)

San Giorgio - Church of the Teutonic Order (XV century). Visit her worth at least to see an interesting collection of coats of arms, shields, tombstones and banners (XVI-. XIX centuries), belonging to members of the Order

To get to the church, you need to turn off the street Via dei Bottai   on the street ViaWeggenstein and just 100 meters  

 . ;

The Church of San Giovanni in Villa (ChiesaSanGiovanniinVilla)

Consecrated in 1180, this tiny old church – a real jewel of South Tyrol outside the modest building revitalizes a bell tower of the first half of the XIV century, carved with two- and three-arch windows. However, the interior of the visitor prepares a real surprise: the church is decorated with magnificent frescoes by local painters

The church can only be visited with a guide can arrange tours at the tourist office in the square of Walter

Vicolo S. Giovanni 31, Bolzano

Tel.: + 39   0471 307000 (booking excursions)

The old parish church Gris (VecchiaparrocchialediGries)

In a small church in the late Gothic period kept the altar of the XV century works of Michael Pacher (Michael Pacher) – a masterpiece of the Gothic style, and the precious wooden crucifix of the XIII century supposedly works. foreign masters

Via Martin Knoller, Bolzano

The area Gries-S.Quirino

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