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  • Country Италия
  • Area 243 кв.км
  • Population 583 615 (2012)
  • Elevation 19 м
  • Dialing code +39 010
  • Postal code 16100
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Водные виды спорта в Генуе

Sep 26th, 2013

Водные виды спорта в Генуе


unprecedented beauty beach, blue sea, breathtaking underwater world makeGenoacenter of attraction for diving. The city is quite a large number of dive centers, but because the adherents of different directions easy to find   &Laquo; a » Center and associates. Courses offered by the centers cover the whole range of diving categories – from open water to the training of trainers. But the duration and complexity of the dive is only possible participants is limited

. In addition to numerous « land » Genoa famous sights more and 2.5 meter underwater Christ statue (« Christ of the Abyss »), mounted on glubine17 metrovv San Fruttuoso bay, – place divers pilgrimage from all over the world

. Mondo Fondo  

Piazzale Kennedy 1, Banchina Nord, Genova

Cell.: + 39   347 2311771

Corderia Nazionale  

Via Gramsci 53r, Genova

Tel.: +39 010 2465964  

Tel.: +39 010 2465929

< p style="text-indent: 20px; text-align: justify;">Odissea Diving Center

Via Pionieri e Aviatori d'Italia 11, Genova (rayonSestri Ponente)

Tel.: +39 0185 three hundred and twenty-four thousand one hundred seventy

Kayak and canoe

School kayaking and canoeing is in green area&ndash Genoa;. Nervi The school is based in a small picturesque bay, where all the conditions for the safe development of this exciting sport  .

Here you can learn how to manage kayak or canoe on the sea or in river flows, to take part in excursions organized by the club, and also rent the necessary equipment

Passeggiata A.Garibaldi 23, Genova

Cell.: +39 333 4,853,440


In Liguria there are many places with fast streams, beautiful waterfalls, mossy valleys and clear lakes, making it an ideal place for the development of canyoning in Genoa organizing such campaigns has been. several clubs that not only pave the route taking into account the physical fitness of participants, but also provide full security

The ideal time for canyoning in Liguria – from April to October

CAI Genova

Galleria Mazzini 7/3, Genova

Tel.: +39 010 592,122


Tel.: +39 349 67 62   389 (Marco)

Tel.: +39 349 24 54 794 (Beatrice)


Where else can join this gambler, full of adrenaline sport, but on the French Riviera Genoese clubs offer go kiting courses (Discovery, Intermediate, Un-intermediate)?. under the supervision of qualified instructors Students will be provided with all necessary equipment

On the Ligurian beaches even a novice will be able to make its first flight over the sea, and kayserfinga experts will find a « brothers in spirit » and the rare beauty of the beaches  

<. p style="text-indent: 20px; text-align: justify;">Scuola di windsurf

Via Chiaramone 3/3, Voltri (Genova)

Tel.: + 39   347 8723057

Centro Surf

Via Cecchi 57r  

Tel.: + 39   010 5955361


Via Beccari 7R, Genova  

Tel.: + 39   340 7,046,099


Learn to stand on the board and develop their skills can be in one of the schools of windsurfing Genoa Windsurfing – it's not only a fun sport, but also a great workout for musculoskeletal. ! musculoskeletal system   All necessary equipment and safety equipment provided to schools Some schools offer their pupils accident insurance


Via Beccari 7R, Genova  

Tel.: + 39   340 7,046,099

Scuola di windsurf

Via Chiaramone 3/3, Voltri (Genova)

Tel.: + 39   347 8723057

Tramontana Voltri Surf

Via Don Giovanni Verit à ;, Voltri (Genova)

Tel.: + 39   339 5949194 (Alberto Caserta)

Tel.: + 39   347 3091574 (Massimiliano Malato)


In Genoa is the whole scattering of schools and associations, offering all who wish to approach the sailing world to choose a school based on their needs and wishes, you can learn how to manage the most different courts –. from light sailing yachts to the present course is designed for all ages, a purse and complexity in addition, the company's marine wolves can make educational or entertainment cruise along the shores ofhref="">.
&nb sp;

Arundel Yachting

Via Sottoripa 1 A / 27, Genova  

Tel.: +39 010 2,462,990

Blu Zena

Via Robino 82/5, Genova  

Tel.: +39 02 45493817

Sailor's Center

Calata Andal ò di Negro 12, Genova  

Tel.: +39 010 2467611

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