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  • Country Италия
  • Area 26 кв.км
  • Population 35119 (2004)
  • Elevation 325 м
  • Dialing code +39 473
  • Postal code 39012
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    NNW 1.4 m/s
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Чем себя развлечь в Мерано

Sep 11th, 2013

Чем себя развлечь в Мерано

Flying by helicopter.. Skydiving

The company Airway organizes exciting helicopter ridesover the Alps. This is a great way to admire from the height of the snowy peaks and the blooming valley, plus get an adrenaline rush. The organizers have developed special routes: wedding, gourmet routes with visits to wineries, Surprise routes, etc.

For the fans the most thrills here organized   Skydiving. Go from 4000 meters can be independently (after a special training), and in tandem with the instructor. Skydiving carried out in the period from April to October

. Airway

Via Roma 154, Merano

Tel.: +39 0473 239579


< p class="NoSpacing" style="text-indent: 20px; text-align: justify;">Why do not you learn to dive in the mountains? TheMeranodive club can go PADI courses at various levels (from   Open Water Diver to Assistant Instructor ) and specialization (Deep, Eanx, Drysuit, Altitude, Ice, Night, Oxygen Provider, PPB, Wreck, Boat, Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50, Tec Trimix, Emergency First Responder etc).

at the school instructors can dive in lake Garda (entertainment or technical) or master ice diving.

Via Rio Sinigo 21, Merano

Tel.: +39 349 6419452 Peter  

Tel.: +39 331 3714488 Davide

Dog sledding

Italian club dog sledding (Club Italiano Sleddog) invites all who wish to try this non-trivial entertainment

For the experienced" drivers" exciting contests are held periodically in the club

Club Italiano Sleddog

Via Innerhofer 14, Marlengo  

Tel.: +39 0473 four hundred and forty-seven thousand one hundred ninety


Merano – a paradise for horse lovers in the vicinity of the town is located some arenas, where you can learn to ride a horse, ride a   horseback or in a carriage, and even make a horse tour (from several hours to several days) on the alpine valleys and plateaus

Equestrian Center Merano

Tennisstra ß e 2, Merano

Tel.: +39 0473 232481

Manege Paur

Via Falzebener 39,   Avelengo

Tel.: +39 348 7653739

Arena   and hotel 4 * Sulfner

Via S. Caterina 4, Avelengo

Tel.: +39 0473 279424

The center of equestrian sport in Lana

Zona Industriale 1, Lana

Tel.: +39 0473 550300

The center of equestrian sport in g.Shena

Piazza Arciduca Giovanni 1,   Scena

Tel.: +39 0473 nine hundred forty-five thousand six hundred and sixty-nine

The center of equestrian sport in Nalles

Via della piscina 13, Nalles

Tel.: +39 348 230799

The Merano is one of the largest in the Alps racecourses – Maia horse races are held from May to October Do not miss important events « Gran Premio Merano »!

Racetrack Merano

Via Scuderie 37,   District Maia Bassa, Merano

Tel.: +39 0473 446222

Water Activities

The Merano soft alpine summer, but here is a really hot, when you want to plunge into the cool water

<. p class="NoSpacing" style="text-indent: 20px; text-align: justify;">Of course, you can choose one of the many poolsthermal complex, but you can just use the indoor pool Meranarena center or go with the whole family in meransky Waterpark

Indoor Swimming Pool

Via Palade 74, Merano  

Tel.: +39 0473 236975

Water Park

Via Lido 36, Merano  

Tel.: +39 0473 four hundred forty-seven thousand six hundred and fifty-one

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