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  • Country Италия
  • Area 26 кв.км
  • Population 35119 (2004)
  • Elevation 325 м
  • Dialing code +39 473
  • Postal code 39012
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Достопримечательности Мерано

Aug 28th, 2013


The princely castle (Castello Principesco)

The castle was built in 1470, at a time whenMeranoit was the capital of the Tyrol, and served as the residence of several generations of the Tyrolean rulers. Gothic building decorated with frescoes, well preserved, as well as pieces of furniture, paintings, musical instruments and other items that make up the museum exhibition

The princely castle is worth a visit to guide the company, who will talk about how is life meranskoy aristocracy in the late Middle Ages

Hours: from March to Sunday, January 1, from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 17.00, Sunday and holidays s11.00 to 13.00  


Closed on Monday, the whole of January and February  

Via Galilei, Merano

Tel.: +39 329 0186390

Fax: +39 234 615 0473

Trauttmansdorff Castle (Castello Trauttmansdorf)

The castle in the Gothic Revival style, was built in 1850 on the ruins of the medieval fortress of the XIV century noble residence graphs Trauttmansdorff brought the Austrian Empress Elisabeth, better known as « Sissy ». , which is twice as long staying here. She is devoted to several rooms in the MuseumTourism,. located on the grounds of the castle

Trauttmansdorff is famous for its magnificent gardens, which can rightly be called the pearl of the measure on their sunlit terraces descending the hill, collected plants from around the world where you can see the northernmostв Italyolive grove and a Japanese garden, cactus hill and water gardens. Of course, a vast area reserved and the most beautiful alpine plants. A total slozhnosti12 gektarovzemli 80 botanical sections and countless thematic routes and zvilistyh tracks, among which we can find a favorite trail of Empress Sissi   In 2005, the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle received the title of" the most beautiful gardens of Italy"

To view the schedule of work and the cost of tickets to the castle, a botanical garden and a museum of tourism on the official site of the castle

Via San Valentino 51 a, Merano  

Tel.: +39 0473 258,819 (Cash)

Fax: +39 0473 235731

Castle Tirolo (Castel Tirolo)

It was this castle, located near the town of Tirolo, near Merano,   Tyrolean earth owes its name to the castle name became the name of a region in the XIII century, but the place on which it is located, people have chosen in prehistoric times. The first fortifications on the hill appeared in the XI century (their ruins can be seen in the basement of the palace and the chapel). The massive Castle tower was built in the XII century and the beginning of XX century it was overbuilt, for which they were used stone remaining from the ruined castle buildings.
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The first palace, adjoined to the tower in the XIII century, during the reign of Meinhard II of, has not reached us Palace, which we see today, was built in the XIX century

The oldest buildings of the castle are in the Romanesque style, and the ancient portals of the palace considered a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture

Working hours:   from mid-March to early December every day from 10.00 to 17.00 in August to 18.00

The output Monday

Entrance fee: € 7,00

Via Castello 24, Tirolo  

Tel.: +39 0473 two hundred twenty thousand two hundred twenty-one

Castle Mausoleum Chennai (Castello Scena Mausoleum.)

The castle of the XIV century today still belongs to the family of the Counts of Merano and serves them home, but part of the castle open to the public where you can see the magnificent halls in the Renaissance style. , admire the beautiful paintings and appreciate a rich collection of ancient weapons

Near the castle is less ancient, but almost more majestic mausoleum of Archduke Johann of Austria and his family, made of red sandstone and granite in the grand neo-Gothic style


Hours: from the last days of March and November  

A visit to the castle is possible only with a guide

The day off: Sunday

Cost of the excursion: € 8,00 – only the castle, € 8,50   + lock mausoleum

Contact person:   the Earl and Countess Shpigelfeld (Spiegelfeld)

Al Castello 14, Scena (intention to Merano)

Tel.: +39 0473 945 630  

Fax +39 0473 nine hundred and forty-five thousand three hundred and fifty-one  

Castle Lebenberg (Castello Lebenberg)

Lebenberg – one of the most beautiful castles of South Tyrol (XIII c.), which boasts a dizzying view of the valley and the majestic crownAlpDespite the seeming simplicity of the forms, it is spacious and full of harmony architectural complex of «. raisins » the castle whole deposit – the picturesque courtyards and gardens in the French style, « mirror hall » rococo, gun room and a chapel of XIV century in the «. Knights hall » you can see the family tree and the rest 12 portraits tions estate owners

Hours: from March to October from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 16.30

Closed: Sunday  

Entrance fee: € 7,00

Contact person:   the family of Van Rossem  

Via Monte Leone 15, Cermes

Tel.: +39 0473 561,425

In addition to the ancient palaces and fortresses, the measure is also famous for its architecture in the Liberty style in particular, the magnificent examples of this style can be called two buildings, located in the city center:  


The building of the Kurhaus was built in 1874, and in 1912-1914 the Viennese architect Friedrich Oman (Ohmann) added to it and the magnificent rotunda hall Kursaal in Liberty style them. ceiling decorated with creations of artists such as Rudolf Jettmar, Horazio Gaigher and Alexander Rothaug The bright, elegant rooms, which in themselves represent the highest artistic value, today hosts conferences, meetings and concerts

< p style="text-indent: 20px; text-align: justify;">Corso Libert à 33, Merano  

Tel.: +39 0473 238149

Teatro Puccini (Teatro Puccini)

Another architectural masterpiece of Liberty-style theater building was built in 1900 by the German architect Martin rappels interior in red and gold tones are rich in decorative elements, walls and.. ceilings decorated with artful painting and stucco  

Piazza Teatro, 2

Tel.: +39 0473 238149

To view the schedule of events at the theater and Puccini at the Kurhaus on our website:

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