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  • Country Италия
  • Area 26 кв.км
  • Population 35119 (2004)
  • Elevation 325 м
  • Dialing code +39 473
  • Postal code 39012
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Церкви и соборы Мерано

Aug 28th, 2013


The Church of San Nicol?. Cathedral of Merano (. Duomo di Merano Chiesa di San Nicol ò)

The main cathedral< a href="">Meranowas built back in 1310. This is one of the earliest Gothic buildings in Tirol. Simple, austere fa?ade conceals a majestic interior, divided into three naves with high vaulted ceilings. Inside you can see a number of valuable frescoes, interesting sculptures and paintings. The charming atmosphere reigns in the cathedral during the Christmas holidays, especially during the Christmas Mass, which takes a polyphonic chorus

Behind the cathedral stands the giant 80-meter high bell tower, one of the highest in the province of Alto Adige. Steeple – a symbol of the old city. Nearby you can see a number of tombstones – all that remains of the old city cemetery


Piazza Duomo, Merano

Tel.: +39 0473 30174

churchSan.Spirit(Chiesa diSanto Spirito)

Holy Spirit Church stands on the left bank of the river Passirio, away from the historic center of Merano. It was built in 1271, destroyed by a flood in 1419 and rebuilt   in 1483 in the Gothic style  .; Strict, without unnecessary ornaments, decoration suggests that the builders of the church were the Bavarian master. Inside the interest is a series of murals and statues  . XIV and XV centuries

The people of the church are called « almshouse church-» due to the fact that for some time it served as a hospital


Via Roma 1, Merano

Tel.: +39 0473 30081

churchSan.Mariacomforter(Shiesa di Santa Maria del Conforto)

The mention of this small chapel graceful first   found in manuscripts in 1273, but she herself is at least a century older. The main structure is made in the Romanesque style and is decorated, both inside and outside, with frescoes in Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic styles. The church bell tower is an example of Lombard-style


Via Santa Maria del Conforto 11-13, Merano

the interesting fact is that in addition to the ordinary Catholic churches in cosmopolitan Merano have evangelical churches, a synagogue, a Russian church, a Buddhist center and mosque.

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