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  • Country Italy
  • Area 38 кв.км
  • Population 51 000 (2012)
  • Elevation 24 м
  • Dialing code +39 0434
  • Postal code 33170
  • Today 18.09.2018
    S 2.5 m/s
  • Tomorrow 19.09.2018
    Partly cloudy with rain
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About Town

Pordenone, the fourth largest city inFriuli, usually does not appear in travelers bookmarks « definitely visit ».   People come here for business or   I stop « on the road », heading intoVenice,Триест,AustriaorSlovenia, the sea or the mountains. But, once having got here, great risk to linger, fascinated and give your heart to this unpretentious city   the wayside many roads


Pordenone – modern city as a modern city may be steeped in history, skilfully restored buildings and carefully preserved traditions. Plunge into the atmosphere at the junction of old and new one can walk along Avenue Victor Emmanuel (or simply « Offering »). He lined with stone blocks, bordered by a long line of ancient porticoes, hiding in his shadow chrome and shine windows, – the heart and soul of the city. There is always lively cafes and bars do not cease calls from early morning until late at night, restaurants in the picturesque back streets beckon flavors and crisp white napkins, children laugh with colored ice cream in the hands,   and all this turmoil favorably look down from the height of their facades covered with frescoes centuries – gothic, baroque, renaissance  


In terms of architecture, the city is not without messy. Kaleidoscope buildings reflect the city's history, which, like all the Friuli city, like a ball on a ping-pong table passed from the owners to the owners. But to put it mildly locals, intricately bound high windows here and there found the stone lions ispovdol guessed heritage of the Venetian Republic, once swallowed and the small Friulian town

Life strikes female Pordenone key. Traditional festivities and concerts of famous artists are held here throughout the year. In the fall the city becomes the center of attraction for lovers of literature and film. And if we, the travelers from afar, it is wise to understand the intricacies of Italian scenes, the festival of silent films in October will allow to join the world culture without words  .

Pordenone – Center blossoming province, where there is space and fields stretching to the sea and the green slopes of the mountains. Thousands of colors, which are painted in nature from season to season, the sound of music, taste the local cuisine and the delicate aroma of a good wine, the opportunity to touch the antiquity – around Pordenone find something to indulge all five senses


Here and there in the territory of scattered real « pearls » &Ndash; castles, tiny towns with houses decorated with frescoes, exquisite villas. Dozens of hiking and biking trails pass through valleys and hills, winding between vineyards, lakes and rivers. Take note   medieval Valvasone (Valvasone), the city of Spilimbergo Mosaic (Spilimbergo), « blooming garden of the Venetian Republic » Sacile (Sacile), historic town Abbey with Roman roots Sesto al Regen (Sesto al Reghena), cordovado (Cordovado) – one of the most beautiful Borgo in Italy. A selenium between Caneva (Caneva) and polcenigo (Polcenigo) is Pal ù di Livenza – the remains of one of the oldest in Italysettlements Paleolithic times, UNESCO-listed World Heritage sites.


How to get to Pordenone

The aircraft

Pordenone nearest airports are Venice, Trieste (Gorizia) andТревиз about. Upon arrival, use the shuttle bus to get to the train/railway station corresponding city   and take the train to Pordenone

The international airport of Venice Marco Polo

The international airport of Treviso Canova

The international airport of Trieste and Gorizia Ronchi dei Legionari

< p>on the train

Pordenone is located in the w/e branch that connects Venice andVienna

train schedule Pordenone, rates and online booking of tickets:.

By car

With AVTOSTROY s Venice A4 – Trieste exit Portogruaro (Portogruaro), hereinafter A28 motorway in direction Pordenone. Congress -  . Pordenone Centro



Information about the city

Office Tourism:  Pordenone Infopoint

Hours of operation:9-00 – 18-00

Address:  Piazza XX Settembre, 11/B   33170 Pordenone- ITALY

Tel /Fax:  +39 0434 520381/+ 39 0434 241608




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