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Церкви и соборы Сан-Ремо

Sep 12th, 2013


Chiesa Russa Ortodossa (Russian Orthodox Church)

Church of Christ the Savior, dedicated to Martyr Ekaterina and St. Seraphim of Sarov, was built by the famous Russian architect Shchusev in record time (just 100 days). The grand opening took place on December 23, 1913 in the presence of the Russian Emperor, Russian and Italianaristocracy

The church made in a typical Orthodox Byzantine style – This elegant polychrome building with five domes topped with Orthodox crosses


Cult objects that can be seen in, for much of it donated to the church by parishioners. An example of such offerings – icons of the Savior and the Virgin, a replica of the icons work Vasnetsov artist


Open daily from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 15.00 to 18.30 (in winter to 18.00)

Via Nuvoloni 2, Sanremo

< p style="text-indent: 20px; text-align: justify;">Tel.: +39 0184531807

Cattedrale di San Siro (Cathedral of San Siro)

< img src="" border="0" style="float: left; margin: 5px;" width="220" height="176" />Cathedral of San Remowas built on the remains of a small early Christian church. Basilica Romanesque extant, was built in the XII century. Its structure is a parallelogram with three naves, a double row of pillars and lancet arches

. For centuries, the church is not once destroyed (by virtue of its design, the materials used, as well as during the battles), but locals are always restored it, adding new elements inherent in a particular era. So, in the XVII century. They were added to a large choir in the Baroque style. In the XVIII century. church again changed its appearance and, in addition, has received a new baroque facade. At the beginning of the XIX century was an attempt to restore its original appearance of the church, but for several reasons the restoration was completed only  . In 1974.

The cathedral is decorated with creations of artists of different eras. The most interesting among them reliefs XII and XVII centuries over the side entrance, a black crucifix right aisle (designed to protect the marine people), Shrine of the Holy Sacrament of the altar, etc. Here you can see the main altar, a crucifix and a statue of the Madonna with the rosary (Madonna del Rosario) work Maralyano (Maragliano)

Piazza San Siro 58, Sanremo

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa (Santuario della Madonna Della Costa)

One of the most esteemed residents of San Remo places of worship. Since ancient times it was believed that Madonna works miracles and preserves coastal residents. Dedicated to her sanctuary arose, presumably, in the XIV century. Then the locals « Holiday chains » We are going to the shrine, dragging chain – a symbol of the liberation of San Remo from the yokeGenoese family of Doria.  

In the XVII century at the expense of local people on the site of the old sanctuary of the new church in Baroque style was erected. The instigator of the building became a sailor, « miraculously, thanks to the intercession of the Madonna », escaped from corsairs

. Simple temple facade hides luxurious interior – marble sculptures, stucco, frescoes and sculptures. Among the works of art it is worth noting a crucifix, a sculptural composition of the main altar and a series of wooden statues work Maralyano (Maragliano). the temple premises is decorated with a series of paintings XIV – XVII centuries..

Via Senatore Ernesto Marsaglia, Sanremo  

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