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  • Country Италия
  • Area 130 кв.км
  • Population 910 293 (2008)
  • Elevation 240 м
  • Dialing code +39 011
  • Postal code 10100
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Активные занятия в Турине

Sep 12th, 2013

Активные занятия в Турине

Excursions in Turin on Segway

An alternative way to get acquainted with theTurin: instead of boring walking -   an unforgettable trip through the squares and streets in the fashion electric scooter  ! Guides (aka instructor) will explain the rules of using the miracle technique   and will take a trip around the city


Segway can be rented separately, without ordering excursions


Via Montebello 6, Torino  


Tel.: +39 366 7114510

Loading Torino

Corso San Martino 4, Torino

Tel.: +39 011 0,200,613  

Tel.: +39 328 5937501


The group of caversPiedmontalways happy to share his passion for the study of the underworld with the lovers of non-standard facilities and adventurers

For those who want to devote themselves to serious caving conducted special courses, and for curious beginners and simple organized excursions to the most beautiful underground passages and caves

Corso Francia 192, Torino

Park &??nbsp; villa   Tesoriere(Parco Tesoriera)


Karting Center King Center   – one of the largest karting stadium in the north ofItalyarea v7000 square meter go-kart track (two-level, with slopes, lifts   and tunnels).. it gives the feeling that mchishsya on this track in Formula 1.

For children held courses   safe driving Adults also can simply rent cards and arrange a friendly competition, as well as play billiards or bowling in the adjacent rooms

Working hours:   from Monday to Thursday from 16.00 to 02.00, on Friday from 16.00 to 03.00 Sunday from 15.00 to 02.00

Via Monginevro 242 room 5 - 9, Torino


Get the adrenaline pumping at the same time by jumping in tandem with an instructor, or complete the full course and become a true expert parachuting and that another possibility provided by the National Association of parachutists Italy?. founded in 1946, Jumping executed with military aircraft G222 and C130, and next to you every minute will be real pros

Associazione Nazionale Paracadutisti d'Italia Regina Margherita 16, Torino


Learn to fly a paraglider, attend a basic or advanced course or simply to fly over the mountains of Piedmont with fellow - paragliders can be in the Turin School of paragliding Peter Pan School founders often organize interesting trip outside of Turin

Via Tesso 26, Torino

Tel.: +39 347 2575423 (Guido)

Rafting and canyoning

Piedmont is surrounded by mountains and in the mountains a lot of turbulent flows is therefore quite understandable interest in Piedmontese for rafting and a new sport - canyoning   To join this exciting sports... It can be in one of the local clubs. Pros? Transfer from Turin to the point of the alloy (in the Italian and French Alps), equipment rental, instructors and necessary – full security (but you need to be able to swim!)

Raspa Club Rafting

Via Rodolfo Renier 3, Torino

Tel 011 336979

Verticalife team

Via Faa di Bruno 2, Torino

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