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  • Country Италия
  • Area 130 кв.км
  • Population 910 293 (2008)
  • Elevation 240 м
  • Dialing code +39 011
  • Postal code 10100
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Спорт в Турине для туристов

Sep 12th, 2013

Спорт в Турине для туристов

Mountain Bike

Anyone from 7 to 70 years old can learn or hone mountain bike control technology in one of the schools MTBTurin. For those who confidently sits in the saddle, but here are organized panoramic calm or full of adrenaline excursions in the surroundings of Turin and the nearby Alps. Excursions can be group or private


Torino Bike Academy(MTB school + excursions )

Motovelodromo Coppi  

Corso Casale 144, Torino

Cell: +39 334 9448063 (Alessandro)


ASD Á nemos(MTB school + excursions)

Strada Val Pattonera 57, Torino  

Tel.: +39 011 6317065

Sport Association Escuriosando trekking(MTB tour)

Massello Borgata Roberso 14, Torino

Tel.: + 39   340 3,667,756


Rock climbing walls – a place where it is possible for the first time to try his hand at rock climbing under the supervision of instructors, workout in the off-season, to test their strength on the routes of varying difficulty, and most importantly communicate with peers. TheTurinthere are two such places: climbing gym sport climbing Association and Boulder Bar (it's not only the climbing wall but also the club and meeting place for climbers)

Societ á Arrampicata Sportiva Palavela

Corso Tazzoli 78/bis, Torino

Tel.: + 39  011 5683154

Boulder Bar (climbing club)

Via Reiss Romoli 122/10, Torino  

Tel.: + 39   3295954093 (Mario), + 39   3400505387 (Riccardo)

Go exciting climbing course and go conquer the surrounding rock in the company of instructors and participants Verticalife club Merry Company, unconventional approach and good humor guaranteed

Verticalife team

Via Faa di Bruno 2, Torino

Tracking andNordic walking

Excursions with health – it is, without doubt, trekking A trekking Turin and beyond – it's clean fresh air, feasible load beautiful place and the company of like-minded

For those who like a more intense training local associations offer courses Nordic walking

Walking Center Piemonte

Corso Siracusa 72, Torino  

Via Pontechianale 66, Casteldelfino  

Tel.: + 39   0115534007

Sport Association Escuriosando trekking(trekking - tours)

Massello Borgata Roberso 14, Torino

Tel.: + 39   340 3,667,756

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