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  • Country Италия
  • Area 80,54 кв.км
  • Population 115 853 (2011)
  • Elevation 39 м
  • Dialing code +39 0444
  • Postal code 36100
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Рестораны Виченцы

Sep 1st, 2013


Restaurant Il Querini da Zemin

The restaurant at Da Porto hotel is located just a short walk from the center of Vicenza. In the institution a few bright, elegant rooms, a terrace


It serves traditional Italian and Venetian dishes. To try several typical dishesVenetocan order a tasting menu (fish or meat). Simple but cozy interior, delicious food and good wine make this place ideal for a family with friends or dinner output. Reasonable value for money. Average bill for 1 person:. &Euro; 35- € 45

The output Monday

Viale del sole 142, Vicenza

Tel.: +39 0444 five hundred fifty-two thousand and fifty-four


Balm on soul fans of Japanese cuisine. Sushi, rolls, sashimi – always only the freshest and of the highest quality raw materials. The dinner is paid to special offers, it will significantly reduce the amount of bills. It is possible to order the delivery of the land on the phone. Restaurant is popular with locals and tourists alike, so the table is better to book in advance. Average bill for 1 person:. &Euro; 7- € 33

The restaurant is closed on Sunday in the first half day

. Piazzale Fraccon 2,   (opposite Scalette Monte Berico) Vicenza

Tel.: +39 543 765 0444 codNegozio=vicenza



< img src="" border="0" style="float: left; margin: 5px;" width="220" height="176" />Restaurant – holder of a Michelin star. All that it is applied – from bread to desserts – preparing strictly on the spot. The basis of the menu of fresh fish dishes, however, and"meat eaters" will not be wronged. Excellent selection of wines


In addition to the stellar cuisine worth noting elegant interiors and stunning views of the city from the terrace.

The prices match the level of the institution.   The average bill for 1 person:. &Euro; 50- € 80

The output Monday<. br /> 

Viale 10 Giugno 172,   Vicenza

Tel.: +39 0444 three hundred twenty-three thousand three hundred and sixty-three


This is in all respects a cute restaurant is located in the green zoneVicenzaand boasts rare for downtown exterior. Front of the restaurant has a garden, and in the warmer months, lunch and dinner directly in the open air


On the menu – traditional Veneto naisvezhayshaya homemade pasta, fish, meat. All dishes are carefully and tastefully decorated


Location of the restaurant, the quality of food and service make it an ideal place for wedding receptions and banquets


In the restaurant there is a mini-hotel – several cozy rooms for those who appreciate comfort and, of course, good food


The average bill for 1 person : € 25- € 30


The day off:. Monday

Via Battaglione Valtellina, 138 Vicenza

Tel.: +39 0444 five hundred sixty-eight thousand and seven


Romantic small restaurant in two steps from the heart Vicenza terrace and scenic view river retronym

A traditional Italian menu, well-prepared dishes. Friendly staff will assist with the selection and suggest appropriate wine


The place to dine tete-a-tete 

The average bill for 1 person: € 25- € 35

The output Monday

Contr à Ponte San Paolo, 2   Vicenza

Tel.: +39 0444 321320

RestaurantL'Oste< strong>Sconto

Restoranchik L'Oste Sconto stored in two steps fromPiazza dei Signori, but it will have to search – it is located on one of the small inconspicuous streets


It is quite cramped, small place, but warm and homely atmosphere and courtesy of staff redeem this little flaw


the dishes are simple but prepared not without imagination and conscience  . The menu as fish (worth a try crudit?s!) and meat dishes. A nice selection of wines


Adequate price

The average bill for 1 person:. € 20- € 40

Stradella San Giacomo, 31,   Vicenza

Tel.: +39 0444 324053

< p style="text-indent: 20px; text-align: justify;">

-Pizzeria RestaurantDa Lella

drools from mere names of dishes served at the restaurant. Stuffed pumpkin flowers, gnocchi with prawns and porcini mushrooms, fish in orange juice, garnished with arugula, and, of course, the famous paella – favorite dish loyal customers. And that's not counting the numerous types of pizza! Always fresh food, big portions, and most importantly – delicious


The helpful staff. Excellent restaurant for quiet evenings together, and for the noisy companies

. Via Legione Antonini, 52 Vicenza

Tel.: +39 0444 569123

Self-service restaurantRighetti

Institution, on their own, unique. Keyword? Self-service. Visitors choose their table themselves make an order with the chefs themselves are paying at the cash register. In the menu, oddly enough, not fast food, but quite traditional dishes of the Veneto in general and Vicenza in particular.   In the afternoon they serve the first (Rejoice, fans of soups!) And the second, which included mandatory"cod in vichentiyski". Evening –. While fish and meat on the grill

In general, a little unusual, but friendly and helpful staff will help to orient. The situation in the   Righetti informal, but the restaurant is popular among themselves vichentiytsev


The average bill for 1 person: from € 7

. Piazza Duomo 3,   36100   Vicenza,   Italy

Tel.: +39 0444 543135

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