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Provence-Alpes-Cote d‘Azur

Region Provence – Alps – C?te d'Azur (Provence – Alpes – Cote d ’ Azur) includes Southern and Alpes and extends from the Northern Alps to Azure Mediterranean Sea. In the west it borders with the region of the Languedoc, in the north of   with the Rhone-Alpes region, and on the east side by side with Italy
By region includes the departments of Hautes Alpes, Alpes de Haute Provence, Alpes-Maritimes, Bouches du Rh?ne and Vaucluse. Through flow of the river Durance, Var and Rhone
The main city - Marseille<.. br /> 
The most northern region of the Department of – Hautes-Alpes to the main town of Briancon. Here is the border between the northern and southern Alps and is a wonderful ski resort of Serre Chevalier.


“ France, France! Fantastic, amazing country! Mireille Mathieu, Jean Gabin, the Louvre, thin stockings, Alain Delon, Jean Marais, creme brulee, Camus, writer, “ Camus ” -konyak, Dumas, Dumas, Edith Piaf, “ Chanel ” №5, Couturier, Gascony, Champagne... I love! &Rdquo;. So accept the country heroine of the film “ What did the dead ”, so we dare to suggest, accept it, and most people in the world?. Names and objects referred to in the listing, have become clich?s, trite character, but let anyone tell you that it associative array that arises when the word “ France ”, includes something else! Eiffel Tower, of course, does not count...

Who knows why, but it happened so – physically distant from France, Russia always compensated by the spiritual (or –? mental) proximity. Until the 17th of the last century, the French in St. Petersburg and Moscow was actually the second official language after – France has become the second home for millions of Russian. And until now, the name of this country makes us heart palpitations and romantic mood – as the name of the woman he loves

Women... If the quotation given at the beginning of the article, and missed some “. French Association ”, then it is this. That, incidentally, an interesting question: why in the mass consciousness is firmly established stereotype that France – World “ the capital of love ”?.. Why label “ very loving ” country firmly glued to France and it seems forever?

It seems that all the fault of... art. And again it is necessary to transfer many of the list – adventure novels of Dumas, none of which is complete without a love affair lyrics Mireille Mathieu and Edith Piaf, “-lovers heroes ” Alain Delon, French “ high fashion ”... probably played a role and an associative link words “ wine ” and “ women ”, not less strong than the word “ twins ”, since France - the birthplace of the most famous wines. Perhaps, and French, designed, according to popular aphorism, exclusively for communicating with women. And of course, the famous Parisian cabaret – the famous Toulouse-Lautrec and Maupassant “ Moulin Rouge ”, brilliant “ Lido ”, with its fantastic show, a piece of the Wild West in France - “ Crazy Horse ”, and “ Pink Heaven ” - “ Pink Paradise ”, with the lead in his famous red corridor...

But for more than two thousand years, Paris has learned to be multifaceted. The Latin Quarter is no longer heard the sound of cancan and flashing invitingly red lanterns lights. During the day you vain and crowded as the business center. Like a stockbroker, excitedly shouting barkers cheap restaurants and souvenir shops, beating each other travelers. At dusk the streets are empty. In the quiet steps of rare passers-by, as the balls of pinball, echoing fly away from the cobbles, bounce off the walls, and, rising higher and gradually fade away in the night sky. The space in the area, squeezed on all sides by the advancing houses, reminiscent of the famous St. Petersburg courtyards and street lights glare into the polished tourist soles cobbles – overall impression that trample fallen from the stars of the sky...

Just another Paris – on the Champs-Elysees and the Trocadero area. Here – area large spaces filled with the air of freedom. Here are pampered, relax and be lazy after labors, couples - on the lawn, single - to the fountains and ponds. And it seems the expression of “ Free Paris ” It went from there. Freedom – the main and only “ chemical ” component of the atmosphere which consists of Paris – that's why there are so easy to breathe! A wonderful sense of freedom – The main impression left after his visit. Do what you want, disturbing no one – is the motto of this city. &Ldquo; One of the privileges of Paris is that you can be born, live and die without attracting anyone's attention ” &Ndash; Balzac said about it.

But what could be nicer for the Russian heart than to find the islands away from her homeland. Paris had not forgotten the first wave of Russian emigration of the 20-ies of the last century. Today it can be found unless that their children and grandchildren, in which it is difficult to see the Russian roots. But the world “ Russian Paris ” I preserved until now. His heart – Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the street I give, and a Russian restaurant next to it, and the famous Caf? “ Rotunda ” &Ndash; Russian meeting place for artists, writers, poets, as well as many addresses in the city where they lived. Plaques on these houses - a certificate of good and good memory of them French...

However, “ Russian nooks ” there are in France and the distance from Paris. Once the representatives of Russian high society and creative intellectuals chosen by the town of Biarritz on the Atlantic coast. Lived here Feodor Chaliapin, Georgi Ivanov, Irina Odoyevtseva, Vasily Aksenov, came to rest and be treated Nabokov and Chekhov

In the current Russian tastes slightly different (though themselves Russian were different). They prefer French ski resorts : sports Chamonix, Les Arcs and Val d ’ Isere daring Val Thorens, noble Megeve or pathologically expensive (seemingly) Courchevel – all with excellent infrastructure and service.

The French, of course, in the depths of the soul should be grateful to Russian. After all, many of the old French resort towns gained worldwide fame in the first place thanks to Russian. Well, it is possible that after a hundred years, and in the French Alps there will be plaques with the names of « dear Russians »...

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