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The federal state of Bavaria is located in the south-east of the country and is bordered by Austria and Switzerland. It is divided into upper, lower and eastern Bavaria. In Upper Bavaria Bavarian Alps located. Eastern and Lower Bavaria extend between the Danube and Inn rivers


This area is well known for its limestone mountains, stalactite caves and green forests, called the Bavarian forest or green roofs in Europe. Verhnepfaltssky forest and the southern part of Lower Bavaria has a variety of opportunities to travel on foot, on horseback or by bike. And yet Bavaria   — country lakes. Around 1600 lakes are concentrated mainly in the foothills of the Alps. The largest   of them Chiemsee, Ammersee, Starnberg, Tegernsee, K?nigssee, and the deepest   - Walchensee (192 m)

The main town –.. Munich

The most well-known tourist routes through Bavaria:

- « Alpine Road » length of 450 km starts in Lindau on Lake Constance, and ends in a national park Berhtesgardner Land;

- « Romantic Road » from W?rzburg to F?ssen passes numerous castles and other historical monuments;  

- « Glass Road » Eastern Bavaria Oberpfaltssky laid through the woods and connects a glassware manufacturing site


The main ski resort in Bavaria and throughout Germany – fabulous beauty of Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Located just an hour's drive from Munich. In the vicinity of the Bavarian capital's many beautiful medieval castles, but the main pearl of the necklace is Neuschwanstein, the former King Ludwig II of residence


The most famous holiday in Bavaria, Oktoberfest, gathers up 6 million. beer lovers from all over the world. It is held annually during the second half of September.


It is difficult to say where gone tradition considered the Germans buttoned formalists and pedants, step not able to do without instructions. Those who have been in Germany, could hardly have seen anything like this. People here are no less liberated than in the “ free ” Paris, and on the lawn in front of the Reichstag sunbathing on a sunny day, no less than on the lawns under the Eiffel Tower

 . Peter Weill in “ Geniuses place ”, talking about the Germans, expressed the same idea, a philosophical summarizing it: “ may,   not worth it   exaggerate   teamwork   and   discipline of the people, in whose language units are facing tens of names of numerals ”.

  Despite its size, the city of Berlin is very friendly – and there really told the German organization. In almost any area of ??the city, you can find a quiet corner to relax. Noisy and crowded business streets side by side with its narrow alleys and lanes, expensive, fashionable restaurants – with a cheap cafes. And everywhere – Parks, gardens, lawns, fountains and fountains, benches and benches...

  In the early 20-ies of the last century, Berlin was called “ Russian ” &Ndash; the first wave of Russian emigration literally covered it! The two million, at that time, the city found shelter hundreds of thousands of Russian people and Russian-language edition of publications in the two times higher than all the German editions of newspapers and magazines! The town became the center of Russian spiritual and cultural life in Europe

 . And today, walking through its center, and then you meet a reminder of this in the form of plaques with Russian names on buildings – Nabokov, Tsvetaeva, Esenin... Their spirits seem to still live in this city, circling above the street crowd, looking for his compatriots. And, sometimes, when the store or cafe you painfully trying to remember the right foreign word, they are “ materialized ” in the ironic-friendly replica of the seller or the waiter: “ Speak in Russian ”...

  The war is too costly to Germany!. Many Gothic buildings razed Dresden land still keep to myself the ashes of war and waiting for many decades, when before they reach the hands of restorers

 . A restored Cologne was even more rebuilt again. And the old spirit of the city seems to have taken offense and left with its streets. Cologne Cathedral, almost the only surviving pre-war building in Cologne, for the newly built city was disproportionate...

  Only Cologne night changes! Night makes it mysterious and inviting, filled with new meaning. Deserted narrow streets of the old town, echoes steps from the glimmering night light window, brightly lit, like a toy, shop windows of small shops – it seems that does not go through the city, and for his illustrations of the tales of Hoffmann or Grimm brothers. And wherever you look – everywhere in the sky glowing “ double ” the spire of the cathedral of Cologne, like Sirius, indicating the right way...

  who has been restored to truly – so it's Nuremberg! And the pronoun “ Who ” in relation to the city, in this case it is appropriate. Knowing his history, you see it is really like a living creature. Nuremberg was just restored, in the literal sense of the word. On the site of the destroyed by 97% (!) During the war, the city originated, perhaps, the greatest of all the remakes in the world! Brilliant copy reproduced the old city in the smallest details – and every brick! It is possible, of course, if desired, call it thoroughness here though other more appropriate term –. Solidity

  The same thoroughness that gave birth to Hegel, Kant, Fichte, Schelling, and Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Wagner... This soil was extremely fertile for the emergence of “ giants spirit ”, idealists and romantics... Under the arches of the German Catholic cathedrals born this classical philosophy, the stones and the air of German cities carved this music. Berlin – Beethoven “ Ode to Joy ”, Night Cologne – it also 5th symphony, Nuremberg – organ concertos by Bach, gay Munich - String quartet of Wagner...

  And yet, the quintessence of German Romanticism is located in the south of the country, in the Bavarian Alps, including gingerbread towns such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here in a fantastic gorge partnach gorge waterfall freezes in winter, and soars into the sky magnificent castle of Neuschwanstein Palace, which became the last hundred years, the same symbol of Germany as St. Basil's Cathedral - Russian


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