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Like most small European states, in its history of independent Slovenia visited infrequently. In fact, only twice. For the first time – from its origin in the VII century called Carantania. This, incidentally, was one of the first Slavic states, settlements, and modestly housed including in the lands of present Austrian provinces of Carinthia and Styria

After some time, Slovenia has resorted to military aid francs. It seems that it is generally a Slavic custom of – urge foreigners to help. One way or another, but the Slovenes “ Help ” It costs much more than   Russian – country for many centuries, lost its independence, being a part of the Habsburg Empire, then in Italy and Germany, the Yugoslav... It was only after the collapse of the latter in 1991, Slovenia has regained its coveted sovereignty.

Slovenia is quite a rare event in the geography where the state takes its name from people – usually the opposite. Immediately comes to mind Odessa, just got its name from its first settlers. But one thing – city, and the other – the whole country. This, of course, could be counted among just the category of interesting facts, but it definitely proves the independence and identity of Slovenians as a nation

. Slovenia He does not play and never played any significant role in world history and politics. It is not ruled by their own great dynasty, not nurtured Planetary   geniuses and are not committed to the fateful events of the world. It seems that God himself Slovenia was told to just be quiet, a paradise on earth, a place designed not for accomplishments, and for relaxing afterwards. However, this country is in a remarkably short time has achieved all of the attributes of European “ political civilization ”, as a member of the EU, UN, NATO, the Member States and entering the euro area

The main attraction of Slovenia – is its natural landscapes and, in particular, the Alps, which cover a significant part of its territory. Their “ Sugar Loaf ” &Ndash; indispensable accessory even urban landscapes in the country's capital Ljubljana and Maribor, Celje and other cities. However, cities are a bit, especially if you approach him with our urban criteria


But the gaps between them represent a the stunning scenery where mountain peaks, alpine plateaus and green manicured valley intertwined at some unearthly beauty pattern. With the amount of hot Slovenia can compete only the number of forest – their combination, in fact, is the main feature of the country


Slovenia literally enmeshed in a network of roads and tracks. They encircle the mountain switchbacks as the “ rain ” Christmas tree. That there is one only Russian dizzying road built during the First World War, Russian prisoners of war! So far, the coolest of its sections are laid paving stones, for better traction

. Traveling around Slovenia, at some point catch myself thinking that if heaven exists, then perhaps it should look like this. You can easily see the bottom of each lake and immediately read on the plate, as if accidentally caught the eye of that water from it to drink. Lake teeming with trout and carp, and any one of them - a real Klondike for fishing enthusiasts who barely cast a line, then have to recall the immortal phrase Lelik-Papanova of “ hand Diamond ” &Ndash; &Ldquo; bite is such that you forget about everything ”


And to explore the many preserved since medieval castles, need, perhaps a separate “ topical ” journey. The most famous and most picturesque of them – Castle near the town of Predyamsky Castle. The impression is that the castle, as if gently put someone in a niche of the rock, the rock is and grows – its facade forms a single plane with her, hiding from the eyes of a deep ravine at the bottom of...  

And, of course, Bled. The town with a population of no more than five thousand people is considered the pearl of the country thanks to the eponymous lake, ancient temple on a tiny island and the millennial castle, stagnation on a high cliff above the water. Blejsko lake like a big aquarium. Sitting on the bank, it is possible to cope with stress by watching the swans, ducks and fish – just like in the commercials. And you can get stressful, seeing one as from the depths ascend slowly to the surface of the huge black ancient fish


When you walk down the wide stone stairs temple, captures the spirit of what these steps worn for many hundreds of years and it can be, that's just climbed the medieval knights and monks. And among those chipped and porous stones immediately feel like a grain of sand in the palm of history...

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