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Canton Grisons
The largest canton, located in the south-east of the country. It shares borders with Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy. River Rhine and the Inn crossing it from end to end. At   Graub?nden territory more than six hundred lakes and valleys
The biggest valley at the southern foot Engandin Alps stretched at 100 km  .; In this sunny valley are such famous mountain resorts like St. Moritz, Davos, Klosters  .; St. Moritz – birthplace of bobsleigh and skeleton. The highest peak Graubunden – Bernina peak (4049 m). Poschiavo valley and val bregaglia the south – region of Mediterranean vegetation and the Italian language. Another two languages ??spoken in the canton: German and Romansh, an ancient language, which is spoken by about 1% of the population
The summer tourism in Graubunden no less developed than the winter. All the territory of the Canton more than 10 thousand kilometers of marked hiking and cycling trails. In the south-east of the canton bordering Italy is the Swiss National Park &??ndash; the main natural reserve of the country. In the park are a variety of hiking trails, stretching from 1 to 4 days
Captures their the beauty of the journey on the Bernina Express in Italy through Europe's highest railway pass Bernina (2450 m)
The main town of the canton of Chur. This is one of the oldest cities in the country, has 5,000 years of history. Quite unlike his Poschiavo in typical Italian style.


Switzerland in every sense of the unusual country. Apparently, when it was created by someone meant the analogue politician, combining in himself the organizer capabilities, administrator and peacemaker.

A small state in the heart of Europe has managed to become the political, business and financial center of the world, while always respecting the principle of neutrality. On the contrary, precisely because of this principle. And in addition, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful corners of the world. This brings to mind the well-known: “ a student,Komsomol,athletelast,it is simply beautiful”!.

The famous Swiss neutrality once concelebrated good service many Russian revolutionaries – it was well known that here, both with Don, “ issuing no ”. Switzerland has never betrayed political refugees. There was obtained political asylum Mikhail Bakunin and Alexander Herzen in Switzerland hiding from the persecution of the tsarist government, Lenin, here is the People smuggled Vera Zasulich famous after its justification jury

The theme of “. Russian in Switzerland ” It goes far beyond the political emigration. The nature of this country and its remoteness from the European political storms have always done it the promised land for people's creativity. In 1836, the year Gogol during his trip to Europe stayed in the Swiss town of Vevey. Here he wrote several chapters of “ Dead Souls ”. In 1877-78 years in Clarens he lived PI Chaikovsky. Result - opera “ Eugene Onegin ” and “ Orleans virgin ”. In Switzerland, at various times lived Marina Tsvetaeva and Igor Stravinsky. Here, in the   Hotel Le Montreux Palace, spent the last 16 years of his life the writer Vladimir Nabokov.

Switzerland has always valued and political and business elite of the world. In Switzerland today, “ registered ” United Nations Office, World Health Organization, International Labor Organization, World Trade Organization, the World Meteorological Organization, the International Telecommunication Union, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the International Red Cross Committee, The Geneva Association, UEFA, FIFA, et cetera, et cetera...

Well, and the World economic forum in Davos, naturally. On the global economy and the best policies are solved, of course, to the famous ski resort - but where else

Ski resorts in Switzerland –?! one of “ cards ” this country, along with chocolate, cheese and watches. A ski industry and okologornolyzhnaya – one of the pillars of the Swiss ekonomiki.Chego only is the production of the world's best steel ropes for lifts.

The mountains are everywhere, and what mountains! Small green islands of forests and vineyards on the physical map of Switzerland lost in a solid brown highlands like a fragile boats in ocean storms. When traveling on the country itself, and not on the map, you realize that there is no point on its territory, which would have a view of the mountains. And each of these species, certainly deserves to be a plot for a card

 . &Ldquo; soul ” Switzerland, like almost any small European country - is its province. Again, thanks to the policy of neutrality, there remained a lot of medieval (and in some places and ancient) monuments and ancient settlements  .; Such towns as Lucerne, Gruyere, Sion – are almost entirely medieval monuments.

Well, gentlemen and comrades, in Switzerland, of course, have to go necessarily. Perhaps, it will awaken in us a willingness to write music like Stravinsky, paintings, Thomas Huber, or novels, Nabokov...

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